Self Portrait 
Oil on Canvas
2021- 18" by 24"
Like most people, I only contacted my family
during the pandemic through massaging and video calls. We celebrated the new year, birthdays, and anniversaries and tried to compensate for the Covid unfortunate situation. Still, I missed holding the hands of my loved ones and hugging them
tightly. It does not matter how many kisses we send each other through the blue screen and mimic hugging; it does not heal my heart. This self-portrait reminds me of the most bizarre moment I had to go through during the lockdown. While I was on the verge of a mental breakdown and waiting for my family to call, it was impossible to mask my anxious face.
I needed to smell my mom's jasmine perfume, get a kiss from my grandmother on the forehead, and ask my sister to make me tea. 
The time froze, and I kept listening to the phone ringing...
Aref Qazvini (1882-1934)
Oil on Canvas
2021- 32" by 42"
He was a poet, musician, and political activist and participated in the Iranian constitutional revolution of 1905-1910. He dedicated his life to being the voice of his people. His poetry is known as the most influential and emotional political literary piece. His musical compositions are the best representation of Iran's traditional music and are retrieved from Persian metaphors and epics.
Collin- Coco
Oil on Canvas

Late night selfie
Oil on Canvas
2016- 40" by 48"

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